Hermes Speedster

Hermes Speedster – Messenger of the Gods on the water If the Hermes Speedster existed in their time, the ancient Greek Gods would have been proud to have the name of their messenger over the water. Well, it is now possible to cruise on the water with the boat of God Hermes. The Hermes Speedster is a neat classic-styled runabout with traits reminiscent from the 1959 Porsche 356* and the gentleman-style runabout boats of the 30s’. Hermes, successfully combines luxury, efficiency, style and comfort. The natural curved lines and the absence of any straight lines, offers a dynamic motion and a unique character to the design.


Width of hull1,80m
Displacement approx.Dry 684 Kgr
EngineRotax® 1630 ACE 170HP
CE certified hulldesign class C
Price from134.560€


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