About Us

Yachting is our life. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a unique yachting experience. Operating in Greece and Cyprus with direct company presence, and in Lebanon, the Maritime Ventures team comprises of successful professionals with a passion for boats, yachts and the sea.

Representing exclusively a number of respected boat and yacht brands, and offering an array of services ranging from technical support and repairs to yacht charter, fractional ownership, insurance and concierge, Maritime Ventures aspires to encourage yacht ownership and promote cruising throughout the entire region and beyond.

The underlying vision for Maritime Venture to establish a broader regional geographic presence in the Eastern Mediterranean is quite simple: along with a selection of superb products, more importantly to provide existing and prospective yacht owners with an array of services which simplify yacht ownership beyond the confines of one single country.

The Maritime Ventures team is here to provide you with 360-degree ownership solutions. We make yacht ownership and cruising easy and simple, so that owners can enjoy the yachting lifestyle.